Omega Leads is a value-added USA manufacturer of commercial wire harness and cable assemblies to our customer's specifications.

Precision Wire and Cable Manufacturing Processes

When manufacturing wire harnesses and cable assemblies, accuracy is essential. If mistakes occur during the manufacturing process, it can affect the product’s long-term reliability and can reduce its functionality. Omega Leads is committed to manufacturing high quality products that meet all of your needs.

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Our Manufacturing Process

Omega Leads takes the production of your wire harnesses and cable assemblies very seriously. Once our in-house application department finalizes the design with our client and ensure its feasibility, it is passed on to the manufacturers to begin the production process.

Customer Service

The first step in the manufacturing process is to discover the problem that the wire harness or cable assembly is meant to solve. Our process begins with a customer who approaches us with a question and design requirements. We will consult with you about your proposed design, as well as the problem that your design is intended to solve. If necessary, we will meet with our customers one-on-one to better understand your design requirements.

In-House Application Services

Our in-house application department meets to discuss your design and its functionality. We will determine, through our consultation, whether the design presented is both efficient and plausible. We discuss how we can manufacture your product as efficiently as possible, and we discuss the plausibility of your design needs. We will determine, through our consultation, whether the design presented is both efficient and plausible.

Finalize Delivery

Once we’ve discussed your design and determined the most efficient way to produce it, we send the design back to you to approve. We will never produce any wire harness or cable assembly that has not been approved by you first.

We will also finalize the delivery date and destination during this time as well. We need to finalize the design at least two weeks prior to the desired delivery date.

Production of Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

Once we have a finalized design for a cable or wire harnesses that meets all geometric and electrical requirements, we begin the actual production phase of the process. The wires are first cut to the specified lengths, and then stripped and fit with terminals and connector housings.

Once the wires or cables have been prepared, an assembly board, or a full-sized diagram of the harness that shows its components and their corresponding locations, is set up according to the agreed upon design. Then, by hand, the wires are worked into a harness using the assembly board. With products as custom and unique as cable assemblies and wire harnesses, it is more efficient to produce them manually.

Quality Control

The manufacturing process doesn’t end with production. Omega Leads understands that safety is one of the most critical elements of wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing, and that is why your product will go through multiple safety checks before making its way into your hands. We ensure that every product meets all standard requirements, as well as our own high standards.

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Omega Leads is a cable assembly and wire harness contract manufacturer that is dedicated to providing the best quality products for our customers. Through our consultation, manufacturing, and quality control processes, we create the cable assemblies and wire harnesses that meet your needs.

With over 55 years of experience as a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer, Omega Leads is ready to produce the ideal solution.

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