Omega Leads is a value-added USA manufacturer of commercial wire harness and cable assemblies to our customer's specifications.

Value Added Customer Service

As a wire harness and cable assembly manufacturer, we strive to understand your needs and how we can best meet those needs. We value building relationships with all of our clients, and our team can work with you to create the custom cable assembly or wire harnesses you need as cost effective as possible.

All of our manufacturing processes and consultation processes are initiated and facilitated by our excellent customer service team. Our talented team is available to answer your questions and facilitate a one-on-one discussion with our in-house application department. Call our customer service team at 800-338-2536 to discuss your project needs.

Customer Service That Values Your Requests

The customer service department at Omega Leads is dedicated to building strong working relationships with our clients. When you contact Omega Leads with a question or request, we value each inquiry and strive to provide you with the customer service that we can.

Our manufacturing processes is typically started when you request a quote from our customer service department on a particular cable assembly or wire harness design. In addition to answering any questions you have when you submit an RFQ, our customer service team can also explain how we can structure a blanket order to fit your company’s needs.

Following the initial quote, we discuss the feasibility and effectiveness of your design in a one-on-one meeting with you. Because we are dedicated to providing the best service experience, we can also meet in person to discuss your design. Our customer service team has the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions to any potential complications. We work to be proactive in all of our production projects by getting to know our client and their design.

Depending on the type of support that your project needs, we can provide customized order reports or other informational reports that your department may require. We know that the best results are produced when there is communication between all parties. We will work with you to ensure your project is a success.

Contact Omega Leads Customer Service Today

Omega Leads strives to be the best cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. We work with each of our clients to build an effective working relationship.

Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing process, or to request a quote today.

With over 55 years of experience as a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer, Omega Leads is ready to produce the ideal solution.

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