Omega Leads is a value-added USA manufacturer of commercial wire harness and cable assemblies to our customer's specifications.

Case Studies for Custom Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

Omega Leads specializes in the manufacturing of commercial connectivity and custom cable assembly products for customers in a wide range of industries. Our custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce complete, turnkey solutions for nearly any application, from military cable assemblies to those used for OEMs in the electronics industry. The case studies below demonstrate our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Case Study #1: Modular Housing for Field Maintenance

An OEM of Omega Leads was experiencing issues with their field maintenance division. One of their units contained four separate subassemblies that were all wired into one interconnect system. If just one of the subassemblies failed, the entire assembly had to be replaced or returned. 

Omega Leads suggested a modular custom cable assembly solution. We submitted first articles to the customer’s engineering department for evaluation. The customer overwhelmingly approved the first article, an order was placed, and Omega Leads continues to serve this customer.

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Case Study #2: Customized Connectors

Omega Leads saw a growing demand for custom housings over the last few years. It was both OEMs and aftermarket manufacturers who had requested a housing that had no mate on their bill of materials.  After our Engineering department collaborated with our customer’s engineers, we were able to better understand how we could support this demand. Through in-depth research, we realized that we could support this niche market and be very competitive with our pricing. 

Our line of housings:

  • Go through rigorous in house and field testing before being used in any production application
  • Utilize only the highest quality of materials to mold our housings with PA66 glass filled nylon
  • Use contacts that are Manufacturer brand specific, which eliminates any unlike contact surfaces

With this custom solution, we have been able to enhance our list of value-added services to our customers.

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Case Study #3: Vendor Managed Inventory System for Customer Stocking Concerns

Omega Leads set up a stock management system for an OEM that was experiencing difficulties with their inventory levels. Our vendor managed inventory (VMI) program was specially designed to meet the client’s needs.

  • The customer found that they were frequently running low on a group of items they needed to assemble their products, putting them in danger of costly production delays.
  • We pitched our proven auto-replenishment system, and upon approval, visited the client’s facility to determine the specifics of their program.
  • An Omega Leads representative visited them on a regular basis, checking their supplies, reorganizing products and inventory as needed, and monitoring their product usage to maintain ideal inventory levels.
  • Our vendor managed inventory system saved the client valuable time and money, and freed their staff members to concentrate on other tasks. Through our VMI program, Omega Leads became an indispensible extension of their business. This client’s inventory is still managed through Omega Leads’ VMI program.

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