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In-House Application Department at Omega Leads

If the manufacturing process is initiated before design consultations, issues can occur mid-production that can damage the product or lengthen production time. In addition, some design elements are not possible for specific applications. By working with our in-house application department, these potential issues can be troubleshooted ahead of time, ensuring proficiency and longevity in your product.

Before the manufacturing and production process, the team at Omega Leads works with you to ensure that your product is manufactured correctly and error-free. We discuss and inspect your design ideas to prevent future complications. By doing this, our team can help ensure that the product’s exact measurements will be used, as well as reduce wasted materials and additional costs.

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Our In-House Application Process

The process is originally initiated by our customer service department. A customer calls Omega Leads with a design that is supposed to provide a solution to the problems they are currently experiencing. Our in-house application services are a supplement to our manufacturing process and take place before production begins.

Our in-house application department consults with our customers to ensure the feasibility of your design requirements with our current technology and their application environment. We are here to help with existing designs to ensure that your product meets your design requirements. We work with each customer on a one-to-one basis, and will, if necessary, also meet with our customer’s in person.

During the consultation, we discuss many different ideas and solutions for your design. There are a few design components that are helpful to this process. They include:

  • Providing our team with full-scale drawings
  • Giving accurate dimension measurements with loose tolerances
  • Specifying if your application requires unique inner and outer materials
  • Providing electrical properties for your desired frequency ranges
  • Designing the bend radii as large as possible

From that point, our team tries to troubleshoot any potential obstacles or issues that may arise in the manufacturing process based on your given design. We do not come up with complete designs for you but will work with given designs to make sure all of the pieces fit together.

Following your consultation, our in-house application department meets to discuss your design and make suggestions based on feasibility and efficiency. When the team reachs a final design, they will consult with you for final approval before moving on to the manufacturing process. We will never move forward with a design that has not been approved by you.

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Omega Leads is committed to providing the best quality cable assemblies and wire harnesses for your specific application needs. Our in-house application department is here to offer support in the design phase, so you get the products that fit your application the best.

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With over 55 years of experience as a cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer, Omega Leads is ready to produce the ideal solution.

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